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Chad proudly supports the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and Project ; , Click on the image below to go to their website.

Chad McCrary began a career as a bodybuilder two years before a tragic accident resulted in an injury to his spinal cord. The accident happened while Chad was making an attempt to successfully complete a long triple jump on a track in Plain Dealing, Louisiana. His dirt bike hit the apex landing very hard and Chad's spinal cord was torn and snapped. 

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Chad's book​Answering the Call,  is about overcoming adversity. When the odds seem to be stacked against you, that's when you get to see how strong you really are. Chad's story is one that will motivate and inspire. His story will encourage the reader to think differently about difficult situations. "Answering The Call" will allow you to view things in a new perspective and ultimately encourage you to take action. If there is something about your life that needs to change, Chad's story will inspire you to take that first step!

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Chad McCrary is a wheelchair bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and a paralegal specialist for the federal government. Chad's calling of helping others has taken several forms throughout his life. He once saved lives as a paramedic and firefighter. Now , Chad saves lives in a different way by sharing his powerful story and testimony of Overcoming Adversity.

Chad Mc Crary - Overcoming Adversity

Chad is available for speaking engagements. He aspires to share his story and be a positive influence on people of all ages and let them know that they too can Overcome Adversity !

 Please contact Chad if you would like him to speak at your school, church or organization...

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