In 2017, Chad teamed up with friend and author Nick LaToof to bring his story to life. “Answering the Call” dives deep into Chad’s mindset during his darkest of days and highlights what he did to overcome such adversity. 

You’ll find all the gritty details of how Chad became the man he is today. He goes into detail about his attempted suicide along with his thought process about getting back to his feet after being told that he would never walk again.

When the odds seem to be stacked against you, that’s when you get to see how strong you really are. Chad’s story is one that will encourage and motivate you to think differently about difficult situations. 

By sharing his story, Chad aims to provide a new perspective and ultimately, encourage those who read it to take action and change their lives. If there’s something about you life that needs to change, Chad’s story will help you take that first step!