Chad's Story

Chad has always had a calling to help people.

After high school, Chad didn’t really know what life had in store for him. He was never afraid of hard work and quickly landed jobs in construction and packaging.

One day, he was hit with a large amount of conviction. He knew he was born to do something more. He decided to go back to school and study to become a paramedic.

This decision caught many by surprise, as his high school grades were not impressive. His grades were so bad that he was even put into special education classes.

However, Chad knew that he didn’t have anything holding him back but himself. He knew that he would be able to do whatever it took to make his dream come true.

After several years of relentless hard work, he found himself graduating at the top of his paramedic class. He quickly landed a job and was physically helping people on a daily basis.

In 2005, Chad’s world would be flipped upside down after a motocross accident would strip him of his ability to walk. He would no longer be able to work as a paramedic.

Chad would endure many months of therapy to get back to a ‘normal life.’ He struggled with substance abuse becoming addicted to pain pills and alcohol. At one point, he convinced himself that it was best to just end it all.

His suicide attempt would be prevented by an alcohol blackout episode. He woke up in the hospital three days after his attempt.

Chad’s lowest moment has motivated him to become an advocate for substance abuse and suicide awareness.

Chad has used his rock bottom moment to be the foundation of his story that he wants to share in hopes of inspiring, encouraging, and providing hope for those who are struggling.

Today, Chad utilizes his platforms of speaking and bodybuilding to tell his story of overcoming adversity and breaking through physical and mental barriers to achieve your true potential.